SPEAK out for a LIFE international (SOLI)

“Anywhere, Anytime Ordinary people are given the chance to choose, the choice is the same: Freedom, not Tyranny; Democracy, not the rule of the secret police.” – Tony Blair

Mission: Advocate and educate victims of harassment, oppression, violence and bullying wherever they occur, whether at home, at work, at school or on the streets.

SOLI is out on a mission to change the lives of people and impact their communities around the world one life at a time.

Each of us needs each other. And each other needs each of us.

Even if it’s not for yourself find courage and learn how to speak out on behalf of another person. Or another community. But don’t forget that, speaking out on your behalf is important too.


What does it mean?

To speak out in protest about something.

Speak out to give your opinion about something in public especially on a subject you have strong feelings about. If no one else has the courage to speak out about it.

For example:

The broken system of the government that you see and the deteriorating conditions of life that you see around you will never improve by themselves unless someone else speaks out about them.

This is how you shine the light on these negative conditions by helping others become aware of them and getting your leaders involved while: You demand accountability.

How can you become involved?

Become PART of the solution.

SHARE on this forum on the Community Hub CONCERNS and PAINS that you know members of your community or another community that you know about is suffering and undergoing right now.

Highlight those issues right here to help shine the light on them.

SOLI is your: partner if you have a deep-seated belief that every person should have access to a better life. A life that is free from harassment, oppression and violence.

My uncle once told me, “the strongest people make time to help others even when they are struggling with their own problems.”