“Just because someone is different from you doesn’t mean they are
deficient.” – Joe K. Mungai

There is no better place to start the process of overcoming and rising above racism, than acknowledging that all voices are important.

When it comes to racism and the need for change, we cannot start making the necessary changes that are needed in any sector of our lives unless we understand why the change is necessary. And the voices of those who have experienced the broad ramification of racism can aid us in this area.

TIP: Things get better when we try to make things better, together. But you can’t say “make a difference” or “change the world” as a team builder, thought leader, academic, or serious leader or thinker and leave people out.

This is why listening to all the voices is important.

Listening to the voices of those affected is the only way we can gain a deeper understanding of how inequity and racism has impacted our lives and our communities. As a society we all need to unite together to learn and grow in this important area.

TIP: The rapidly changing demographics of the United States and the changing demographics taking place in our respective communities require us to be proactive in facilitating respectful conversations that will challenge us to examine our own implicit biases, cultural biases, and stereotypes.

We have to accept that those impacted by racism for years know best what
their needs are, and start involving them in the decisions that impact their
lives. This is where healing starts.

The act of listening allows us to seek and utilize input to ensure the changes
made align with their needs. This process also helps us with identification of the barriers that the victims of racism face and the systems that create them with a goal of enacting the needed change. Remember, if left unaddressed, these issues will never resolve on their own.

The US cannot deny what is plainly before its eyes. Shocking videos depicted George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery murdered in broad daylight. At the same time, tens of thousands of black lives have been taken down by the coronavirus. And, in the midst of all this, our own President is busy fanning the flames of racial tension with dog whistles so unsubtle that
even the most skeptical can hear them.