Allow Your Calling to Help You Fulfill Your Purpose

Dear leader

“We’re At A Point In Christianity Where People Don’t Care If You Can Back It Up With Bible. Your Actions, Attitudes, And The Example You Set Override The Words Coming Out Of Your Mouth.” Joe K. Mungai

Here are good questions to ask as we start this new year even as our country is both politically and racially divided more than ever before:

Are you questioning the path you are taking in your ministry? Are you faithfully discharging your spiritual duties as a Christian leader? It’s also good to check if you feel disconnected from your Divine calling that God has bestowed on you.

After asking yourself these questions, take a step back and remind yourself what your calling is. Then, let your calling light the way on your journey to rediscover your purpose.

In the context of ministry, we can think of a purpose as an intentional act to attain a specific end.  In my experience, that specific end we all share is seen in our service to others. This is because we cannot say we are serving (glorifying) God with our own lives if we are not serving others. And we can think of our calling as that service that we each are passionate to contribute to those we serve.

When I say serving others, I literally mean serving everyone who is within the reach of our influence in the communities that God has entrusted us to represent Him.  

Right now, when the world needs HOPE more than anything else, I believe God is looking for leaders with a true commitment to lead others through fulfillment of their true calling. For many of us, the question is not whether we have been called or in what capacity but whether we will be found faithful and occupying till He comes?

Here is the reason why I make this observation:

Many of us are aware of our specific end, but here is the big question, is that specific end (purpose) in alignment with the Divine purpose that God has for your life?

In a moment like this, when our communities are looking for answers, I see this as a great opportunity for us to demonstrate the true transformational leadership that the world at large is craving for right now. This is where as leaders we get to positively influence others. Is that you?

In my new book that came out in October last year right before elections which I specifically wrote to give a voice to the voiceless. I provide tools, resources and awareness that would assist anyone willing to help address an area that we have an opportunity to make a difference in our local congregations, our communities and in the whole world at large in a way that we have never done before.

I encourage you to find ways you can be a blessing, a change agent and a vessel to be used of God to bring healing and restoration in your community and in every area you have influence.

Here below I share for your perusal the preface plus two of the shortest chapters of my new book.






Here below is the information of the availability of the book:

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