It is my great pleasure to write this foreword.

ADJUSTING TO LIFE IN AMERICA, by Joe Mungai, is a timely resource that will provide much needed guidance to immigrants and members of refugee community as they adjust to life in America.

I have had the opportunity to personally observe Mr. Mungai as a court interpreter as he helps bridge the communication gap between non-English speaking individuals and the other people involved in the court system.

The justice system is complex and intimidating, even to those who have grown up around it. For non-English speakers, in particular, there is a myriad of other challenges they need help to navigate. Mr. Mungai’s input is this area has been essential to our system. He helps facilitate communication with the court in a professional manner while still being a friendly and compassionate individual to those he assists. Without his input, the court system would not be efficient. His work is highly valuable to the people that the justice system exists to serve.

His desire to expand his work through this book is noteworthy. It’s my hope that many will benefit from his work and service.

Honorable Jason A. Burns

Judge, Sixth Judicial District of Iowa