Allow Your Calling to Help You Fulfill Your Purpose

Dear leader

“We’re At A Point In Christianity Where People Don’t Care If You Can Back It Up With Bible. Your Actions, Attitudes, And The Example You Set Override The Words Coming Out Of Your Mouth.” Joe K. Mungai

Here are good questions to ask as we start this new year even as our country is both politically and racially divided more than ever before:

Are you questioning the path you are taking in your ministry? Are you faithfully discharging your spiritual duties as a Christian leader? It’s also good to check if you feel disconnected from your Divine calling that God has bestowed on you.

After asking yourself these questions, take a step back and remind yourself what your calling is. Then, let your calling light the way on your journey to rediscover your purpose.

In the context of ministry, we can think of a purpose as an intentional act to attain a specific end.  In my experience, that specific end we all share is seen in our service to others. This is because we cannot say we are serving (glorifying) God with our own lives if we are not serving others. And we can think of our calling as that service that we each are passionate to contribute to those we serve.

When I say serving others, I literally mean serving everyone who is within the reach of our influence in the communities that God has entrusted us to represent Him.  

Right now, when the world needs HOPE more than anything else, I believe God is looking for leaders with a true commitment to lead others through fulfillment of their true calling. For many of us, the question is not whether we have been called or in what capacity but whether we will be found faithful and occupying till He comes?

Here is the reason why I make this observation:

Many of us are aware of our specific end, but here is the big question, is that specific end (purpose) in alignment with the Divine purpose that God has for your life?

In a moment like this, when our communities are looking for answers, I see this as a great opportunity for us to demonstrate the true transformational leadership that the world at large is craving for right now. This is where as leaders we get to positively influence others. Is that you?

In my new book that came out in October last year right before elections which I specifically wrote to give a voice to the voiceless. I provide tools, resources and awareness that would assist anyone willing to help address an area that we have an opportunity to make a difference in our local congregations, our communities and in the whole world at large in a way that we have never done before.

I encourage you to find ways you can be a blessing, a change agent and a vessel to be used of God to bring healing and restoration in your community and in every area you have influence.

Here below I share for your perusal the preface plus two of the shortest chapters of my new book.






Here below is the information of the availability of the book:

How to get this book

How Healing And Restoration Take Place At A Time Of Plague

How Does Healing and Restoration Take Place?

The answer to this question is the subject of this article, but first, how do you even introduce such a topic at a time like this? Healing at a time of plague?

It is not easy to talk about healing and recovery in the middle of a pandemic. But, I see it as an important subject because we are beginning to appreciate, as a nation, that we cannot go on without confronting rampant incidents of racial injustices in our midst. We must confront these issues if we are going to find healing and restoration and be able to trust each other as we work to forge ways to move ahead as a society.

I invite you to join me as I reflect briefly on a foundational aspect necessary for a community to experience healing and restoration using an excerpt from my new book: HOW TO RISE ABOVE RACISM:A Primer for Understanding the Broader Ramifications of Implicit Bias.

I share this in light of negative experiences of racism, discrimination and implicit bias that many members of minority groups have experienced here in American and abroad.

All Voices Are Important

There is no better place to start the process of Healing and Restoration, than acknowledging that all voices are important.

When it comes to healing and the need for restoration, we cannot start making the necessary changes that are needed in any sector of our lives unless we understand why healing and restoration is necessary. And the voices of those who have experienced the broad ramification of injustices can aid us in this area.

TIP: Things get better when we try to make things better, together. But you can’t say “make a difference” or “change the world” as a team builder, thought leader, academic, or serious leader or thinker and leave people out.

This is why listening to all the voices is important.

Listening to the voices of those affected is the only way we can gain a deeper understanding of how inequity and racism has impacted our lives and our communities. As a society we all need to unite together to learn and grow in this important area.

TIP: The rapidly changing demographics of the United States and the changing demographics taking place in our respective communities require us to be proactive in facilitating respectful conversations that will challenge us to examine our own implicit biases, cultural biases, and stereotypes.

We have to accept that those impacted by injustices for years know best what their needs are, and start involving them in the decisions that impact their lives. This is where healing starts.

The act of listening allows us to seek and utilize input to ensure the changes made align with their needs. This process also helps us with identification of the barriers that the victims of racism face and the systems that create them with a goal of enacting the needed change. Remember, if left unaddressed, these issues will never resolve on their own.

Truth And Reconciliation Efforts

“Change doesn’t happen by itself. Change requires action.” – Joe Mungai

Each community has to go beyond wanting healing and restoration to happen or having an interest for such a noble task to take place, and actually show commitment by being proactive and taking positive actions toward this great work.

The Iowa City community leadership where I reside is a good example of what it means to show commitment in this area. The city council officially established the Truth and Reconciliation Commission at their September 2020, formal meeting. The council also announced the appointment of nine board members to serve two-year terms at their November 2020 meeting. (Source:

The purpose of the commission is to address issues of racial injustice in the community it operate and carry out restorative justice, through the collection of testimony and public hearings, with such work to include a recommendation to the community leaders of a plan for making changes that foster equality and progress for all.

It seems to me that this is a good place to start, in dealing with issues that we have ignored for such a long time.

Many people are interested to see a fair and more just society that offer, equality and progress for all, but we have to do more than that, and follow the example of the Iowa City community leadership by showing commitment. We all can participate in this process in one way or another to help move towards healing and restore our communities. I believe great positive results will come out of  our individual collective efforts in this endeavor and that’s why I dedicated my new book: HOW TO RISE ABOVE RACISM: A Primer for Understanding the Broader Ramifications of Implicit Bias, to those working hard for a fair and more just society that offers equality and progress for all.

Let’s join hands together and go do it.

To your success

About the Author Joe K. Mungai, MSW, LMSW, CLPC, CTP, CCM

As a life skill coach, counselor, and a licensed chaplain, Joe’s mission is to help others become conscious of their entrapment and empower them so they can find freedom and joy in life. He is passionate about helping people cope and grow through their experiences in life-changing circumstances.

Joe is a social worker, a researcher and an author and he is the author of seven books including BROKEN JUSTICE: WHEN LAWLESS GANGS CAPTURE THE STATE which he wrote to strengthen and educate communities that are riddled with corruption and social injustice.

Joe can be reached at:

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Important things about voting: Voting matters and It has consequences

For those who think voting does not matter, let me be clear, it does. It has consequences.

What I share here below is an excerpt from my new book (How to Rise Above Racism: A Primer for Understanding the Broader Ramifications of Implicit Bias) This is a must have BOOK a must read BOOK to know how to rise and overcome racism and discrimination in every sector of American life.


Let’s briefly discuss voting

My observations here are mostly related to the upcoming general election in America

Have you asked yourself why there are so many Republican lawsuits in states across the whole country trying to make it more difficult for people to vote? There are so many that it’s hard to keep track of them all.

According to Boston Globe Fast Forward newsletter, the efforts are being led by Trump himself, who has frequently criticized voting by mail and even admitted that when a lot of people vote, Republicans have a harder time winning elections.

What happens when we don’t vote?

I listened to a speaker on a podcast not long ago explaining what happens when we don’t vote.

Here is what I learned:

When you stay at home on voting day, you disqualify yourself. Remember, beloved, voting is not simply about which president will be in power for the next four years. When you fail to vote, you do not understand the judicial legacy for example (as I have described in my book) that a president leaves long after he is not in office. This vote in November is not about the next four years. It’s about the next forty to fifty years.

When you don’t vote, you don’t help determine the judge that sits on the bench.

Now for all people of color and our allies, it’s not enough to say, black lives matter, we have to do more than that. We have to vote. If you don’t vote, then black lives don’t matter to you. Don’t tell me you’re mad about racial injustices in America, if you don’t vote. How dare you not vote? 

When we fail to vote, we dismiss ourselves. Voting is all we got. And it gives us a part of leveling the playing field of justice in the United States of America.

There are powerful people, even in democratic nations, who do not want you to vote. The reason why they do not want you to vote is because they are afraid that you will take their power away from them. They will go to great lengths to obstruct voting, disenfranchise voters, or deliberately confuse, mislead, and manipulate you to feel like your vote — and your voice, and your caring, and your conscience — amount to nothing.

The people in power who fear losing their power and the privileges that go with it are the ones who don’t want you to enact change through your vote. They have mistaken the political power they have been given as proof of their “better-ness” than you. They consider their power to be a part of their destiny; they think that the divine shines more brightly on them than on the rest of us.

They have forgotten that, with great power, comes great responsibility. And today, despite their efforts to stop you from voting, I am asking you to vote.

Those who understand that power is bestowed by the people are the ones who act, work for, and encourage the greatest representation possible – so that the greatest number of people can benefit.

As Dave Ursillo put it, when we speak of power in the scope of politics, we speak of the power to put people in cages; the power to deem who in our society is valuable or expendable. We speak of power that seeks to shatter families, power that stains the pages of history with blood and tears.

I implore you to vote, even if your political opinion is not the same as mine.

 I am not encouraging you to vote for a specific candidate or party, even if I am personally very clear about who I am voting for. I believe in democracy, in one another, and our collective action.

Please, do not take your vote for granted. And do not surrender your power to those who use it wildly, dangerously, and irresponsibly. I am asking you to vote to show those in power – those lost few, especially those who fear and dread the loss of their power – that they are more feeble than they realize.

Vote, and make them know that they have broken the social contract they committed to when they took the positions they occupy as public servants.

Vote, and make them know that their power is indebted to us, the public, after all.

As you vote, please help your neighbor, grandparents, parents, cousins, kids, and friends understand the importance of voting — and educate them on how to vote.

Voting allows you to do what only you can do America!

How to Rise Above Racism: A Primer for Understanding the Broader Ramifications of Implicit Bias

As I finish I want you to know how you can get this new book that I just wrote and that I borrowed this excerpt from: How to Rise Above Racism: A Primer for Understanding the Broader Ramifications of Implicit Bias), but before I do let me make few observations here.

It is important to point out that I don’t expect consensus on the issues I raise in this book, or on any of the other major issues we are all confronting right now as a nation. I don’t expect consensus on every perception, position, or solutions that I suggest. However, in spite of our different perspectives, I hope we can all agree that it’s time to ask very hard questions, look deep inside ourselves and attempt to figure out not only how we got where we are, but also why we allowed ourselves to get this far. And then reason together what we all must do to get ourselves unstuck.

My career path has given me unique experiences that make it possible for me to share and present ideas on this subject with a style that is second to none. It’s truly something that you will never forget. And the experience that follows could mark the day that turns your life around.

Now see below how to get this book

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As a life skill coach, counselor, and a licensed chaplain, Joe’s mission is to help others become conscious of their entrapment and empower them so they can find freedom and joy in life. He is passionate about helping people cope and grow through their experiences in life-changing circumstances.

Joe can be reached at:

What others things do you think voting allows you to do?